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  • Forum member open to new ideas
  • Plan Forum
  • Comp Plan Forum
  • Plan Forum
  • Plan Forum First Meeting
  • Planning Forum Speakers
  • Millennial Forum Member
  • Councilmen & Town Administrator's observe Plan Forum first meeting
  • Councilman, Gary Bustos intently listens to citizens fresh ideas.
  • Councilman, Bob Brimmer intently listens to Plan Forum members.
  • Plan Forum
  • Breakout Smaller Group Sessions
  • Comp Plan Forum: Meeting 1 in full swing
  • Assistant Town Administrator, Christiane Farrell
  • Town Adminstrator, Eric DeMoura observing the Plan Forum
  • Planning 101
  • Assistant Town Administrator, Christiane Farrell
  • Councilman, Mark Smith & Lynette Lynes
  • Forum Members enjoying a debate
  • Forum Members enjoying lunch

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