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  1. ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 11:59 p.m. ON THE DEADLINE DATES. It is highly recommended that the property owner and/or their representative meet with staff prior to submitting an application.

  2. Nature of Request & Fees

  3. Check all that apply:*

  4. Planning Commission Approval

  5. 100.01 + acres

  6. Requirements – All supplemental information must be scaled to 8 ½ x 11 sheets and submitted in a portable digital format (pdf) with this application and appropriate fee.

  7. Subject Property / Properties Information

  8. Comprehensive Plan Amendment (only fill out if Comprehensive Plan Amendment requested)

  9. Applicant Information

  10. I, the undersigned, serve as the owner or owner's representative and certify the information contained herein to be true and accurate. If an application is found to be incomplete, the primary contact will be notified and the application will be removed from the agenda. I further certify that the tract(s) or parcel(s) of land to which this approval request pertains: *

  11. by any recorded covenant that is contrary to, conflicts with, or prohibits the activity for which approval is sought as provided in SC Code of Laws Section 6-29-1145, and the Town of Mount Pleasant Code of Ordinances §155.084 and §156.048.

  12. I agree that all terms and information are true to my knowledge:*

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