Why speeding on US 17 doesn't pay - An explanation of the Town's adaptive traffic control system.

The highest concentration of vehicular accidents within the Town of Mount Pleasant occurs along our main thoroughfare, US 17. This is partially because the roadway carries the highest volume of vehicles compared to other corridors such as Long Point Rd or Coleman Blvd, but it is also due to excessive speeds on this facility. The speed limit along most of US 17 is posted for 45 mph and the traffic signals along this corridor are coordinated based upon the posted speed limit. In short, if you travel 45 mph, there is a higher likelihood of receiving a green signal at each intersection as you progress along the corridor, regardless of direction. Conversely, if you travel above the posted speed limit, you will be more likely to be stopped at a traffic signal prematurely because you will reach that downstream traffic signal before the coordinated system prompts a green signal. Beyond the obvious fact that driving the posted speed limit is in general safer for you and other motorists, speeding on US 17 will not decrease your travel time from one end of Town to the other. Please demonstrate caution and show respect for your neighbors by driving the posted speed limit throughout the Town.

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10. Why speeding on US 17 doesn't pay - An explanation of the Town's adaptive traffic control system.
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