What topics will be covered?

A comprehensive plan looks at the various aspects of the built and natural environment and the policies the town uses to make development and preservation decisions. The primary themes that are emerging early in the process and serve as a driver for the update are the rapid growth rate the town has experienced, and the impacts of that growth on our roads, schools, public services and other infrastructure like sewer and water. The state requires certain elements of a comprehensive plan including: land use, transportation, economic development, natural resources, cultural resources, population, housing, community facilities, and priority investments to coordinate financial decisions with the recommendations of the comprehensive plan.

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1. What is a comprehensive plan?
2. Why is Mount Pleasant updating its comprehensive plan?
3. Why should I care?
4. Who is leading the process?
5. How can I be involved?
6. Do I have to be an expert to participate?
7. What topics will be covered?
8. Will transportation be a part of the Comprehensive Plan?