What is South Carolina Business One Stop
South Carolina Business One Stop or SCBOS is the official South Carolina business web portal. It enables anyone with an existing business or anyone starting a new business to file permits, licenses, registrations, or pay taxes. From the convenience of your computer at anytime, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, you can take care of your important state filings, and pay for multiple filings and/or taxes with one credit, debit, or EFW payment.

Each section on SCBOS is designed to support all phases of business lifecycle from start-up through expansion. You will find FAQs, custom tutorials, checklists, and other information to help you.

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1. Where can I find demographics about Mount Pleasant?
2. How can I perform a site analysis?
3. How do I find grants or loans to start my business?
4. Who can I talk to about specific parcels of land and zoning?
5. What is the commercial review process?
6. How do I obtain a business license?
7. How do I obtain a building permit?
8. Who reviews and inspects construction plans for commercial development?
9. What are building permit fess?
10. What is South Carolina Business One Stop
11. What is the Local Vendor Partnership Program and how do I apply?
12. Do I need a special event permit?