Paper Bag for Yard Waste Update

The Town of Mount Pleasant requires the use of paper bags for loose yard debris collections. Paper bags help remove plastics from the waste stream and reduce the need for petroleum based products.

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1. Paper Bag for Yard Waste Update
2. What day do you collect my garbage and trash?
3. What time does the truck come by my house?
4. I think the truck missed my collection - what do I do?
5. Why was my garbage container not emptied?
6. I have extra bags of garbage - what do I do?
7. My container is broken - what do I do?
8. My container is too large - can I get a smaller one?
9. My container is missing - what do I do?
10. Can I request a second garbage container?
11. What can and cannot be recycled?
12. Where are local recycling centers?
13. Where can I dispose of used oil or gas/oil mixtures?