Is exercise room orientation required?

Is exercise room orientation required? You must be an active Senior Center Member and an Informed Consent/Liability Waiver must be signed before you can begin using the equipment in the exercise room. We do recommend you view, at your convenience, our video orientation on Equipment Safety and Etiquette. It is available online in the Quick Links section of our Web page. We also have an Individualized orientation available by appointment.  See Front Desk for further information about setting up an equipment orientation.  The Center also has three Certified Geriatric Personal Trainers who are available for individual orientations well as a Yoga Personal Trainer and a Certified Balance & Mobility Specialist. These individual orientations range from $25.00 for 1/2 hour to $40.00 for a full hour of personalized instruction. For further information feel free to call the Senior Center at 856-2166.

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1. Is exercise room orientation required?
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