Billy Swails Boulevard 4B

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Billy Swails Boulevard 4B is the final roadway segment that would complete what was originally named the Hungryneck Boulevard corridor, a parallel route to US 17 and Rifle Range Road. The anticipated cross-section is a two-lane divided roadway with a landscaped median, turn lanes and bike and pedestrian facilities. The project would join the existing Sweetgrass Basket Parkway on the west to the existing portion of Billy Swails Boulevard to the east.


Preliminary engineering began in August 2017 and a Public Information Meeting was held February 27, 2018. Traffic analysis and modeling is ongoing.


  • Design:  August 2020
  • Construction:  August 2022


$12,568,497 ($2,568,497 TOMP and $10,000,000 Federal)


Billy Swails Boulevard Public Meeting Notice (2/27/18)

Billy Swails Boulevard Aerial Display (2/27/18)

Billy Swails Boulevard Public Information Meeting Handout (2/27/18)

Billy Swails Boulevard Network Display (2/27/18)


Paul Lykins, Project Engineer 

  • Ph: (843) 856-3080 
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