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New Impervious Surface Overlay District

​Effective Thursday September 14, 2017, pending Ordinance No. 17053 had first reading to establish a new Impervious Surface Overlay District. The purpose of this is to protect persons and property within this new district against flooding and improve drainage. Properties affected and subject to new requirements are all properties within the district zoned R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 and Planned Development that have been developed with single family detached dwellings. The requirements shall also apply to any new lots that are developed with single family dwellings. Please check the map to determine if your property is affected.

What does this mean? Lot coverage, no more than 40% of all subject properties may be covered by impervious surfaces as defined in section 156.007. In order to demonstrate this, Building Permit applications may require a site survey by a registered land surveyor delineating all the impervious surfaces located on the property and their square footage. This will include driveways, sidewalks, pools, patios and any accessory structures with impervious surfaces. On the plan must be calculations demonstrating that the amount of impervious surface does not exceed the amount allowed by ordinance for the area (40%). Applications must also contain accurate representation of the amount of impervious surface intended by the project. There must be calculations within the documents that describe the amount of requested impervious surface as compared to the amount of impervious surface allowed by ordinance for the area. As-Built surveys may be required as part of the final approval process. Building Permits may be issued for impervious flat work such as driveways patios and walkways following the same policy above when they are applied for without any other building components.​​ Please review the ordinance for more information.  

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