Protect your property from the hazard

Property Protection Measures

There are a number of measures that can be taken to help protect a property against flood damage including retrofitting, regrading around a structure to create positive drainage away from the structure, correcting local drainage problems, and emergency measures such as moving furniture and installing sandbags. Retrofitting measures can include major projects such as elevating the whole structure or less costly measures such as elevating electrical panel boxes, water heaters and furnaces. Washer, dryers, and other appliances can also be elevated or moved to areas less likely to flood. If flooding is likely, and time permits, essential items and furniture can be moved to the upper floors of your home. Keep sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber handy for emergency waterproofing.

If requested, Town staff is available to visit a property to review its flooding problems and suggest ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage. Contact the Building Inspection Division at 843-884-5184 to schedule an appointment. These services are free.