Emergency Medical Services

Medical Services

In 2015 the Mount Pleasant Fire Department ran 8,266 emergency response calls. Of these calls 4,923 were for emergency medical assists. Fire Department personnel are well trained to administer lifesaving procedures and medications. Since there are only 2 CCEMS to cover the Mount Pleasant area, the Firefighters are often the first on the scene and many times have the patient stabilized before EMS arrives to transport. The Fire Department includes:

  • Five (5) ALS (advanced life support) / Paramedic Engine Companies in service. Engine 501 at Fire Station #1 at 974 McCants Drive, Engine 502 at Fire Station #2 at 393 Egypt Road, Engine 503 at 355 7th Avenue, Engine 505 at Fire Station #5 at 3001 Dunes West Blvd and Engine 509 at (Temporary) Station #6 at 3745 N. Highway 17.
  • One (1) ALS Rescue; Rescue 504 at Fire Station #4 at 1156 Six Mile Rd.
  • Two (2) ALS Squads: Squad 504 at Fire Station #4 at 1156 Six Mile Rd and Squad 507 at Fire Station #7 at 926 Bowman Rd.
  • One (1) BLS Rescue Boat; Marine 501 Docked at Charleston Harbor Marina, Patriots Point Road,
  • One (1) Kawasaki mule for patient access and transport for patient access at ALS level for special events and locations, i.e. Bridge Run, Waterfront Memorial Park, Christmas Parade, etc.
  • Fourty Four (44) licensed Paramedics who can start IVs, place advanced airways, can operate and interpret 12 lead cardiac monitors, and administer 34 medications as approved by Medical Control.
  • Eight (8) EMT-Intermediates who can start IVs, place advanced airways, and administer two (2) medications.
  • South Carolina DHEC approved in-service program at the MPFD. This allows the MPFD to recertify Paramedics and EMTs at the state and national level.


The Fire Department responds to many calls involving traffic accidents. While some of the accidents are minor, some are much more severe and Fire Fighters must secure the wreckage and extract the victims before they can be transported. The Paramedic Firefighter may begin administering aid before the person is removed from the car. While First Responder are aiding victims, other trained personnel are using various equipment to extract them.