Water Rescue

The Town of Mount Pleasant has a response area of 52.59 sq. miles of land, which is predominately surrounded by water.  To address water related emergencies, the Mount Pleasant Fire Department created the First Water Rescue team in 2001.  Fire Station #3, located at 355 7th ave, is the primary water rescue and response station consisting of a dual company house – Engine and Ladder. Secondary stations include Fire Station #1 at 974 McCants Rd. and Fire Station #2 at 393 Egypt Rd. 

The Water Rescue Team responds to emergencies in the Charleston Harbor and its surrounding waterways, ponds, lakes and pools.  These emergencies include:  

  • Fires – including structures and vessels
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Bridge Jumpers
  • Vessels in Distress
  • Water Rescues / Swimmers in Distress
  • Special Events
  • Mutual-Aid Response
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Hazardous Material Leaks


Marine 501, located at Charleston Harbor Marina, is a 28ft Viking fire suppression unit with a 1000gpm fire pump.  This Marine unit also has dewatering capabilities and advanced life support equipment for medical emergencies.  Boat 501 is a 23’ Center Console Safe Boat that is the Town’s rapid response vessel with the ability to quickly respond to rescues and other waterway emergencies, including BLS medical emergencies. Boat 501 is located at Fire Station #3, trailered and ready for launch to any location needed. Both Marine units have minimum of 3 personnel aboard with at least one Paramedic.  

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