Traffic Calming Guidelines

Traffic Calming Program

The Town of Mount Pleasant Transportation Department offers traffic calming solutions through the Traffic Calming Program.  The program currently employs two types traffic calming devices, speed humps and all-way stop controls. Speed humps are parabolic in shape and measure 12 feet long in the travel direction and 3.5” high at the apex. The Transportation Department staff accepts applications for Traffic Calming Program each July.  However, requests can be made to the Transportation Department anytime during the year and staff will confirm the street section is eligible for the program.   Staff will compile a database of requests and will notify each potential applicant in June to alert them of the exact date application packets are available.   For speed hump applications, the eligible requests will be ranked according to the evaluation factors to determine the installation sequence. The ranking will also be used to determine which projects will be financed if more speed humps are applied for than money is available.  Traffic Calming Guidelines