Mobile Food Vendor Inspections

Mobile food vendors have grown in popularity and have become a routine attraction at special events and local venues.  The goal of the Mount Pleasant Fire Department is to ensure these operations are conducted in a safe manner to help ensure the continued operation of the business, while reducing potential hazards that may threaten public safety.  The purpose for this permit is to identify and eliminate basic fire hazards, along with educating mobile food vendors on potential hazards while promoting a safe and livable community.    

International Fire Code:
The 2018 International Fire Code (IFC) includes regulations for Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles and has been mandated for statewide adoption on January 1, 2020. A self-survey has been created to assist all Mobile Food Vendors with achieving and maintaining compliance with some of the common issues impacting mobile vendors. Some of the significant changes contained within the latest edition of the code include:

  • Operations that produce grease-laden vapors will require the installation of an exhaust hood that is protected by an automatic fire extinguishing system.
  • LP- gas alarms will be required in vehicles near LP-gas components.
  • Fuel gas systems shall be inspected annually by an approved inspection agency. Once the inspection takes place and passed, a sticker must be placed on the gas system indicating the name of the inspection agency and the date the satisfactory inspection took place.

Application Process:
Mobile food vendors interested in operating within Town of Mount Pleasant limits shall complete the mobile food vendor fire department permit application and attach all the required documents.  When application and documents are received, the fire marshal’s office will process the application and then schedule the inspection. 

Mobile Food Vendor Inspection Application

Food Truck Checkoff

Operational Permit:
The Mobile Food Vendor operational permit is intended to assist the vendor in conducting a safe operation while achieving compliance with the International Fire Code and replaces the previous Certificate of Operation permit. Inspections will be conducted as part of the initial Mobile Food Vendor operational permit application and then each year the vendor continues their permit. A new operational permit application and permit is required for each 12-month period of operation. Permitted vehicles are subject to

inspection at any time the vehicle is operating.

Upon successful inspection, an operational permit sticker will be affixed to the vehicle by the inspector and must always remain visible.  Additionally, the vendor must acquire and post their business license and maintain the documentation outlined on the application during all hours of operation.

Permit Renewal:
Operational permits will be issued every 12 months and may be revoked prior to the expiration date. It is the responsibility of the mobile food vendor operator to renew the permit.

If you have questions regarding the need for an inspection, please contact the at Fire Marshal’s Office 843-884-0623.