Vial of Life

The Vial of Life program was started in 1998. The Mount Pleasant Fire Department joined forces with East Cooper Regional Medical Center and the Moultrie News to provide this program to the citizens of Mount Pleasant.

The Vial of Life program is a simple, effective way for your medical information to be at the fingertips of emergency personnel in the event that they are called to your home. The more the emergency personnel know about your medical history, the better prepared they are to treat you. The information you provide could one day save your life.

Why Would I Need It?

When emergency personnel are called to your home for a medical emergency, they will need to know your specific medical history. This includes any known medical condition you may have, what medications you might be taking, if you have any allergies, who your primary physician is and his or her telephone number, and any other information that might make treating your condition that much easier.

This information could determine how to best care for you. If you are unconscious, when emergency personnel arrive, vital questions regarding your health will go unanswered. Other situations might involve a family member that might cause you to become too upset to recall any specific information. The Vial of Life program will provide this information if you can't.