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The Town of Mount Pleasant's Waterfront Watch series will follow the progress of the Memorial Waterfront Park Phase III project. All video, photo, and written updates on the progress of the project can be found here, on the Town of Mount Pleasant's Facebook and Twitter pages, and on the Experience Mount Pleasant Instagram page. The scheduled completion date is July 2024. The estimated cost is $6,750,000.

 Phase III amenities:

  • Multipurpose sports court that can accommodate two basketball and four pickleball courts
  • Splash pad fountain play area
  • Restroom facility
  • Dog park
  • Exercise area
  • Walking track
  • Parking improvements
  • Expanded maintenance facility


  • July 2023
  • October 2023: Throughout the summer and into fall, Hill Construction has been working on underground piping and electrical work, constructing the restroom facility, restoring a piece of the Cooper River Bridge to be displayed in the completed park, and finishing up construction on the retention pond.
  • February 2024: Now that most of the underground work is complete, we're starting to see progress above ground. The dog park, sports court, restroom facility, and walking track are all nearly complete. As we wrap up the winter season and enter Spring, we will continue to see the park take shape.
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A Look Ahead

Calisthenics Area

Here's a first look at the plans for the outdoor workout area at Memorial Waterfront Park. Designed and built by MoveStrong, the area will have two zones to accommodate a variety of fitness training. One will be for calisthenics and functional fitness (green turf) and the other will be an obstacle course with fitness challenge stations (blue turf).

The MoveStrong FitGround (outdoor fitness park) is designed for users 13 years and up. Each zone will have instructional overview signage along with QR code placards on the equipment to help give visual instructions using your phone. See more in the video below.