Safety Action Plan

Safety Action Plan


The Town of Mount Pleasant is committed to providing safe transportation infrastructure for its residents and visitors. The Capital Projects and Transportation Division has developed a Safety Action Plan (SAP) which utilized existing crash frequency, accident severity, and other roadway and intersection safety audit characteristics such as speeds, volumes, and geometry to compile locations which could be improved. The SAP also proactively identified intersections and roadway segments with safety concerns through public outreach and other network screening and surrogate comparison techniques. Areas of concern were then ranked utilizing both the quantitative and qualitative data and prioritized for project implementation. The SAP is a living document and will be updated, as necessary, to reflect evolving circumstances of the Town’s transportation network and needs.

Public Meetings and Online Surveys

The Town hosted two in-person opportunities for public input, May 23 & May 24, 2023, and an online survey to help identify areas within the Town where transportation safety concerns exist. To ensure the SAP promotes collaboration and responsiveness to public needs additional meetings or surveys may be held in the future. 


Staff has pursued funding through USDOT’s Safe Streets 4 All (SS4A) grant to design and implement priority projects as identified in the SAP.



  • James Aton, PE, PTOE, RSP1
  • Deputy Director, Captial Projects and Transportation
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