Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods

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The Department of Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods is comprised of two divisions including the Office of Community Planning & Zoning and the Office of Neighborhood Livability. Through these divisions, PLAN provides services related to the following areas.  For information on the specific duties and responsibilities of each division, click on the icons.  

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Development Codes Technical Evaluation

In an effort to better meet the land use needs of the Town’s residents and businesses, and in anticipation of changes related to recent work on the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, the Town anticipates updating Title XV of the Town Code over the course of the next year or two, with the primary focus of the update being on the Land Development and Zoning chapters.

As a precursor to a comprehensive code update, White & Smith, LLC, a local planning and law firm, has completed an assessment – or a “diagnostic” – of the Town’s current zoning and land development regulations. The results of that effort are compiled in the draft “Development Codes Technical Evaluation,” dated July 10, 2020.

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Our mission is to utilize best practices to create a vibrant and safe community with high quality places where people want to live, work, and play.  We make every effort to provide our citizens, building & development professionals, and community leaders with timely and clear guidance as we prepare, explain, and implement the Town's long range plans, zoning, and land development regulations.

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The PLAN Department staff works hard to answer each request accurately, professionally, and efficiently.

If you have contacted or had business with the Planning Department at any time in the last six (6) months, we would appreciate your taking a VERY short survey to help us answer that question. We appreciate your feedback, as we hope to continually improve our customer service.  

A link to the survey is located at the top left of this page (department listing) or you can access it directly at Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods (PLAN) Department survey