Homeowner Associations (HOA)

Row of homes. As members of your Homeowner Association, you set the example for your neighborhood when you make good decisions regarding maintenance of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs).   These system are not owned by the Town but we are here to help communities and property owners!

Stormwater ponds are the most common practice that help manage flooding and water quality. There are also many other new "Best Management Practices" (BMPs) such as underground detention, bioretention, green roofs, pervious pavement and others that are being used in new developments that also require maintenance and inspections. 

Please visit our "Post-Construction Process" page to find inspection checklists for annual reports and to find out about specific BMP maintenance requirements.

Adding a fountain or aerator to your pond? 

Pond Management Resources

We partner with the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium Clemson's Carolina Clear Program and other agencies to bring your resources and programs to help with pond management. 

Clemson has created a Pond Management Website full of resources, inspection checklists, and helpful tips for geese problems, erosion issues and other common problems to help you with your efforts.


Master Pond Manager Course

Do you own or manage a pond? Do you understand how your pond functions? Do you want to know more? Our Clemson education partner is offering a course in pond management. This course has two options; one for professionals with pesticides licenses - and one for everyone else! Visit the course website for more information.

Pond Conferences

We hold a Pond Conference every two years in the Charleston Area for pond owners, property managers, and pond maintenance companies to help you manage your pond systems.  Subscribe to our calendar for more information! As we work on developing this education opportunity, the registration and agenda links will be posted. 

​Healthy Pond Series Webinars

This is a quarterly (free) seminar that is hosted by our partners.  The seminars are 2 hours and the topic varies by quarter.  in 2020-221 these are being held virtually.  We will post the topics to our calendar or you  receive information on this and other programs in the Ripple Effect Newsletter from Clemson Extension.

Beyond Ponds

Have more than ponds on your property?  Some developments may have other types of Green Infrastructure - such as dry ponds, pervious pavements, water quality separator devices, or bio-retention systems.   Contact us for site specific information!

For general design, inspection, and maintenance aids visit;

 Other Education Resources

Contact the Stormwater Division office for information on implementation and maintenance of BMPs in your neighborhood. Reach us at 843-856-2157.