Settlement Communities 

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Remnants of the area’s agricultural past still exist in plain view within and adjacent to Mount Pleasant.  Known as “Settlement Communities,” about a dozen historic African American communities have sought to hold on to their history and character in the face of Mount Pleasant’s unprecedented growth.  But now many worry that their continued existence may be in jeopardy. Throughout Mount Pleasant, development pressure has chipped away at their edges, undermining the communities’ historic character, integrity, and threatening their survival. This has long been recognized as a challenge, but no lasting solutions have been found. 

To this end, the Mount Pleasant Town Council has established a Settlement Communities Task Force to discuss issues affecting the various settlement areas within or adjacent to town boundaries. Council appointed 17 individuals from over 40 applications to serve on this Task Force at their meeting on October 12, 2020.  The Task Force completed their report at their meeting on December 9, 2021. The Final Report may be found here: 


The Settlement Communities Task Force began meeting in January, and identified a number of topics that they want to discuss.  Over the coming months, the Task Force will meet on the Second Thursday of the month at 4:00 pm at Town Hall. Specific topics of conversation will focus on:

  • 2/11 - Property Ownership - Center for Heirs Property
  • 3/11 - Property Taxes - Charleston County Assessor & Town
  • 4/8 - Public Infrastructure - Town, County, DOT
  • 5/13 - Community Investment - Center for Heirs Property, SCACED, Housing for All Mount Pleasant
  • 6/10 - Water & Sewer - MP Waterworks
  • 6/17 - Mt Pleasant Way/Six Mile Cultural Heritage Trail (video meeting)
  • 7/15 - Land Use & Zoning - Town & County Staffs
  • 8/12 - Recap Land Use, Zoning & Community Issues - Town & County Staffs
  • 9/16 - Review of Draft Recommendations
  • 10/14 - Charleston County Community Services Dept & Operation Home, Review of Draft Recommendations
  • 11/10 - Review of Draft Report.
  • 12/9 - Finalize Report

Throughout this process, the Settlement Community Task Force has identified a number of resources that may be beneficial to members of the community.  Links to these resources are below:

Questions may be directed to Liz Boyles .

(Updated: December 28, 2021)