Short-Term Rentals

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The Town of Mount Pleasant implemented regulations regarding the use of residential dwelling units as short-term rentals. Residents who plan to use residential homes, accessory dwellings, or portions of their homes as short-term rentals will be required to have a short-term rental permit and a business license.

All permits for the 2023 permit year have been issued; therefore, no additional applications will be accepted at this time.  

If you would like to be included on the wait list for a short-term rental permit, please send an email request to with the property address, owner's name and contact information (email and phone number),  and what type of dwelling unit you desire to rent (entire home, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or bedrooms within the home). 

PLEASE NOTE:  You must have a certificate of occupancy (CO) for the home AND accessory dwelling unit.

2023 Short-term Rental Permit Re-Application Process (current permit holders only)

The following required information must be submitted with the re-application in addition to filling out the application and paying the appropriate review fee ($250) for each short-term rental property:

Any re-applications received after December 15, 2022, will be denied, the application review fee will be forfeited, and a permit will not be issued for the new permit year.

Only re-applications will be considered during this timeframe.  If you do not currently have a 2022 STR permit and apply during the re-application process, your application will be denied and you will forfeit the application review fee.  More information on the application process and requirements can be found by viewing the ordinance. 

2023 Application instructions   

Sales, Use and Accommodation Taxes

You are required to pay taxes to the State of South Carolina and Charleston County. Please visit the SC Department of Revenue website with specific questions about state taxes you may owe or contact them at 803-898-5970. For information about county taxes you may owe, please visit the Charleston County website or contact them at 843-202-6095.

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