Cresco Historical Stewardship Award

The Mount Pleasant Historical Commission established the Cresco Historical Stewardship Award ("Cresco Award") in 2016 to recognize an individual, group or organization for exceptional accomplishment in preserving the physical and/or cultural heritage of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The Cresco Award is presented annually by the Mayor and Town Council. Recipients are selected by the Mount Pleasant Historical Commission from nominations submitted each year by the deadline at the end of October based on the following criteria: 

  • The quality of the nominated project.
  • The degree to which the nominated project/individual is usually or pioneering and serves as an example that encourages the stewardship of Mount Pleasant's physical and/or cultural heritage.
  • The impact of the project/individual on the understanding and appreciation of Mount Pleasant's physical and/or cultural heritage.

If you or someone you know meet these criteria, nominations can be submitted by filling out an online application.Cresco Award Application Opens in new window
The 2022 Cresco Award recipient was Suzannah Smith Miles. Ms. Miles is considered one of the preeminent historians of the East Cooper Region. Her contribution to the Town's historical and cultural heritage through research work, publications, artwork,  and cartography exemplifies the purpose of the Mount Pleasant Cresco Historical Stewardship Award.

Past Cresco Award recipients were Captain Edwin Wayne Magwood (2020), Ms. Vanessa Hill (2019), Alhambra Garden Club (2018), Mr. Walter G. Brown, Jr. (2017), and Ms. Mary Julia Royall (2016). Check out each recipient's story for more information.