Stormwater Improvement Program/Old Village



Numerous areas of Mount Pleasant were developed prior to the State establishing minimum standards for stormwater drainage. These developments often have undersized drainage systems that were not designed to meet the current expected level of service (10 Year Storm) for system capacity, had little to no flood management systems (ponds controlling flows up to the 100 Year Storm), and little to no water quality protective measures. The Town conducts Stormwater Infrastructure Studies as part of its yearly Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP). These studies exam the stormwater infrastructure of a specific area to determine the level of service of the system, identify potential improvements, and estimate costs to implement improvements. This Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) project takes the results of the CMP assessments and funds design and construction of the recommended improvements necessary to address the infrastructure deficiencies and raise the level of service to standards. 


An assessment of the existing stormwater inventory and drainage problems at Old Village has been completed. The project has now moved into the design phase. Each of the 27 basins identified have been prioritized and the two highest priority basins (Edwards Park and Royall Avenue) were selected for design in 2018. Construction is anticipated for 2019. Water quality considerations will also be addressed.


  • Design:  July 2017
  • Construction:  Undetermined


Design Cost: $875,765.00



Ken Rhye and Sarah Mettermeier 

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