Vaughn Ed Kee Parkway


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 This project involves a roadway extension from US 17 to Billy Swails Boulevard and Rifle Range Road, primarily through the future jointly-owned Town of Mount Pleasant and Charleston County park. The extension provides better connection between the existing and planned arterial network, which decreases trip lengths and disperses traffic to more intersections, versus concentrating it at fewer.  The extension project was authorized for design in FY 2018 and is on-going.  The design scope of work follows the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, which enables the Town to take advantage of federal funds, should they become available to the project.   


The parkway opened November 1, 2023,  following a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting honoring Officer Kee who lost his life in the line of duty in 1985 protecting the citizens of Mount Pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who was Vaughn Ed Kee?

  • Officer Kee lost his life in the line of duty in 1985.  On December 13, 1985, at 2:35 am, Mount Pleasant Officer Kee stopped an intoxicated driver.  During the traffic stop, a second intoxicated driver struck Officer Kee as he stood near his patrol car.  The parkway is dedicated of Officer Kee for giving his life protecting the citizens of Mount Pleasant.  
  • A historical marker was erected in 2003 near the location of the accident at 1233 Ben Sawyer Boulevard and a monument was unveiled in 2023 at Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park near the First Responders Memorial.  

Why is the Vaughn Ed Kee Parkway intersection at US 17 only right-in and right-out?

  • Vaughn Ed Kee (VEK) Parkway is the initial phase of a two-phase project intended to provide better connectivity to the roadway network in the northern portion of Mount Pleasant.  The other phase, named the Long Point Realignment project, remains in the Town’s long range transportation plan, but is not currently funded for construction.  The Realignment project was not completed in conjunction with VEK Parkway due to concerns regarding its impact to the historic Boone Hall Plantation property.  Another reason for a phased construction approach was to better assess traffic improvements after both VEK Parkway and Billy Swails Boulevard were completed.

Why are there no traffic signals along this new roadway?

  • Traffic signal installation must meet signal warrant standards established in Federal and State laws.  Initial intersection traffic projections for opening day traffic did not meet necessary warrants.  However, staff will observe the major intersections after opening and will initiate warrant studies and traffic signal installations as necessary.

When will the Rifle Range Park be developed?

When will the final phase of Billy Swails Boulevard be complete?

Is the multiuse path part of Mount Pleasant Way?


Daniel Williamson, Project Engineer


Ph: (843) 856-3080