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​​Trees enhance our Town with natural beauty and provide benefits to our neighborhoods by reducing air pollution; filtering dust; reducing noise; providing cooling shade; preventing soil erosion; improving surface drainage; and minimizing flooding.  It is for these reasons that the Town of Mount Pleasant promotes the protection of existing trees and for the replacement and planting of new trees.

Tree species appropriate for our region are listed and categorized in our Code of Ordinances.  If you need information on what trees would be appropriate to plant in your yard or guidance on appropriate replacement trees, please see section 156.201 or our ordinance.    
​The Town of Mount Pleasant has been a proud recipient of the Tree City USA designation since 1989.
For more information on tree requirements, download our residential tree brochure.

Building Permit and Stormwater & Tree Preservation Combined

Applicants no longer need to separately apply for a Stormwater and Tree Preservation Permit in addition to a building permit--the two applications are now combined into one submittal. This will mean that the same site plan is being reviewed for compliance with stormwater, tree preservation, and building code requirements.  This streamlines the process and provides better efficiency for the applicant.  A Stormwater and Tree Preservation permit will still be issued separate from the building permit to allow preparation of the lot prior to starting construction.  

Smaller projects that do not require a building permit, may require site plan and stormwater approval before the project can be started.  Examples of these types of smaller projects, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vision corridor
  • Retaining walls under four feet in height
  • Masonry walls
  • Hardscape elements such as expansion of parking pad, walkways, etc.
  • Millwork and similar finish work
  • Pre-fabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep, no larger than 5,000 gallons and installed above ground
  • Swings and other playground equipment for single-family dwellings
  • Accessory Structures

Applications can be found on the Building Inspections applications and form page. For a vision corridor, please submit the Vision Corridor Approval Application to the Planning, Land Use, and Neighborhood Livability Department. 

For more information or questions about the building permit process, please email Christina Springston, Development Services Coordinator or call at 843-884-5184.  

For information or questions about trees or tree removal, please contact the Planning, Land Use and Neighborhood Livability Department at or call 843-884-1229.

Tree Bank Grant application now online

The Tree Bank Grant Program was established for residents, civic clubs, and other groups who have a desire to beautify and enhance the Town through the planting of trees.  This program is intended to provide financial assistance to proposed tree planting projects where trees are to be planted within publicly accessible areas such as street rights-of-way, public parks, school yards, residential common areas and churches.  

You can now apply for a Tree Bank grant online through our website.  A list of preferred trees species to plant can be found in section 156.201 of the Town's Code of Ordinances.

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I have a tree on my property that is not in good condition, will the Town evaluate the tree?

No, Town staff is not able to provide consultations or evaluations for trees.  If you wish the tree to be removed and it is a protected species and size, a request can be made online through our website to request the removal.  A Tree Removal Request for an Existing Structure must be submitted by the property owner.  

I want to remove a tree or trees on my property. 

The Town of Mount Pleasant protects certain size and species of tree and removal of these trees require a permit.  Please see section 156.225, Provisions for Tree Removal for species and size requirements, or call the Planning Department if you have questions. Approval for removal can be obtained by submitting a Tree Removal Request for an Existing Structure form can be submitted online through our website. The removal request form must be submitted by the property owner.

I am building a house, addition, pool, shed, or other structure and might need to remove a tree or trees.

A building permit application is now required prior to removal of a tree associated with any type of construction (new home, renovation, addition, pool, shed, etc.) and land disturbance.  A site plan showing a current tree survey, footprint of the structure, zoning information, and land contours is required to be submitted with the building permit application. The site plan will then be reviewed for zoning compliance, tree removal and/or encroachment, stormwater compliance, and whether the proposed construction meets all current applicable building codes.  For any additional questions, you can email the Building Inspections Office at or by calling the office at 843-884-5184.  

What is a critical line and critical line buffer?

A critical line delineates the boundaries of coastal waters, tidelands, and beach systems.  A critical line buffer is a vegetated area, including trees, shrubs and herbaceous vegetation, which exists or is established to protect a stream system, lake, reservoir or coastal estuarine area to minimize the potentially harmful effects of development or agriculture on adjacent waterways and prevent non-point source pollution.  

What is a Vision Corridor and do I need approval to have one?

A vision corridor is a vertical area cut through the vegetated buffer, allowing a view and access to wetlands, tidelands, and beach systems.  A vision corridor cannot exceed more than 1/3 of the square footage of the total critical line buffer area and must be one single uniform unbroken area.  Vision corridor approval can be requested by submitting the Vision Corridor Approval Application

There is a tree in the right-of-way that needs to be trimmed.
Report low-lying tree limbs to the Public Services Department.

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