Will my trees be removed? There are over 160 trees scheduled to be removed with this project. The trees that will be removed have been identified during the project survey phase and will be re-marked prior to removal. These are trees that have been planted or have grown up in right of ways or drainage easements and must be removed to install the improvements or to conduct the work. In some cases, the trees are damaging the drainage systems and are a part of the problem! Residents with trees in the rights of way or easements will be notified prior to removal. After the project, trees will not be permitted to be re-installed in drainage easements.

What will happen to my landscape and fencing in the project area? Shrubs, hardscape, fencing and other items that have been placed in easements where digging work will be performed will need to be removed for equipment access and to properly install the new pipes. Residents will be provided notice of this work in advance and are strongly encouraged to move items that they wish to retain. Items not removed prior to work will be removed in areas with digging work. Landscaping, hardscape, and fencing will not be re-installed in the restoration phase. Mulch or sod will be used to stabilize work areas. Residents wanting to reinstall fences after the project will need to submit for an encroachment permit to the Public Services Department or re-install fences outside of the easement area, with no permit. Access gates to rear areas are highly encouraged for maintenance and inspections. NO trees will be permitted in the easements.

Will I be impacted by traffic? There are expected to be traffic impacts to areas outside of the Snee Farm Community during the installation of drainage improvements that will cross Whipple Road at Indigo Cut and the stormwater pond. For this work lane shifts will occur during construction, no daytime lane or driveway closures are anticipated.

Where will the contractors put their equipment and materials? In some locations construction materials may be staged along the roadway curbing areas. This may reduce travel to one lane. These staging areas will be used until work in the immediate area is complete. The materials will be marked for safety with cones and/or barricades. Traffic should use caution. In a few areas contractors have temporary easements to stage materials off of the roadway.

Who will have access to my property? Town staff, inspectors, engineers, and contractors will have access to the public drainage easements or properties where work is planned. You will be notified if your property is “In The Project” prior to work.

Who do I call for construction questions? General project questions can be directed to the Public Services Department office at (843) 849-2022.

Who do I call for construction issues? The Construction Liaison will take your site-specific information and work with the project team to address your concerns. Please contact the Public Services Department office at (843) 849-2022.

What are the work hours for this project? The contractor is held to the Town’s noise ordinance for work start/ stop times - between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the following day. In some cases, special “quiet” pumps may need to operate 24/7 to remove water from the construction site so that work can be conducted in dry conditions. These operations will be reviewed with adjacent property owners if they become necessary.