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Victim Services Unit
The purpose of the Victim Services Unit is to provide support and encouragement to all victims of crime.

Victim & Witness Bill of Rights
If you are a victim of crime, or have witnessed a crime, you have the right to: 
  • Be treated with dignity and compassion 
  • Be protected from intimidation and harm 
  • Be informed (concerning the criminal justice process) 
  • Be compensated (if eligible) and/or receive restitution
  • Be able to preserve your property and employment 
  • Receive due process in criminal court proceedings 
  • Receive special attention by all criminal justice, medical, and social service agencies if you are handicapped or have special needs.

The major types of victimization include, but are not limited:
  • Adult Victimization
  • Child Victimization
  • Domestic Violence
  • Harassment
  • Homicide
  • Physical Injury
  • Sexual Assault

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