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Posted on: January 15, 2015

Town Launches Creative Water Quality Campaign

truck wrap.jpg

By Martine Wolfe-Miller, Communications Officer

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (January 16, 2015) - The Town of Mount Pleasant Public Services Department will kick off next week a creative and cost effective education campaign by wrapping its garbage trucks with visually impactful messages on water quality. This innovative approach will remind residents and business owners of the importance of maintaining healthy housekeeping activities to protect local waterways. This campaign is part of a Clean Water Act federal mandate, which requires municipalities to educate the public on water quality.

“This type of exposure is priceless,” said Mayor Page. “Soon our Public Services trucks will be seen across Town promoting water quality issues and reminding residents about their close connection with local waterways. Clean waterways are sustained when residents, businesses and government work together to implement healthy housekeeping habits to reduce the amount of pollution they generate.”

“Having healthy creeks and marshes mean having clean water to swim in, enjoying local seafood, and promoting a healthy ecotourism industry,” said Councilman Chris Nickels, Chair of the Public Services Committee of Council. “Healthy habits are small measures we can take to protect the quality of our waters. Each small measure can have a big impact on our environment.”

“The first truck will begin its route next week and will be seen by residents and motorists four days a week, 208 days a year,” said Public Services Director Jody Peele. “Other garbage trucks will soon be outfitted to complete the water quality educational fleet and will continue to spread the message throughout the Town.”

The Mount Pleasant Stormwater Division would like to remind you that good housekeeping activities are key factors in protecting local waterways from the harmful impact of pollution. Residents and business owners are invited to adopt these easy tips.


- Limit or eliminate fertilizer use - always use a soils test and follow application rates
- Use organic fertilizers or amend soils with compost- Use native plants - they require less to no fertilization and less irrigation
- Plant and maintain buffers along waterways- Install rain barrels to capture rain water for re-use
- Install a rain garden to manage ponding water instead of piping- Use pervious pavers and surfaces for driveways and pathways


- Never pour anything down the storm drain or into a ditch
- Use Charleston County’s recycling centers to dispose of hazardous waste and household chemicals or call for a neighborhood collection date with their special waste truck- Bag your yard debris for collection
- Compost yard debris


- Pick up pet waste every day, especially from your yard- Put pet waste in your garbage can for disposal


- Wash your car at a car wash where waste is recycled to sewer systems
- Wash your car on a grassy area that absorbs the run-off

For more information on Water Quality, visit us online at, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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