Safe Sitter

General Information

Safe Sitter is a babysitting class and safety training devoted to preparing young adolescents for the responsibility of nurturing and protecting children. This is a one day class for ages 11- 14. Students will learn about babysitting as a business and how to become a successful babysitter. They will experience introductory instruction in CPR, first aid, child care essentials, safety for the sitter, injury management, preventing problem behavior, and choking prevention. Materials will be supplied. Students should bring a lunch, snack, and a drink and come ready to learn.
  • $85 resident/ $115 non-resident/class
  • R.L. Jones Center Min. 5 Max. 10
  • Classes are on:
  • Saturday January 22nd
  • Saturday February 12th
  • Saturday March 19th
  • Saturday April 23rd
  • Saturday May 21st
  • 9:30 AM-4:30 PM

National Nonprofit Organization

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Since babysitting is a big responsibility, it is important that participants fully understand the mission behind this hands-on course. You can learn more about Safe Sitter, the national nonprofit organization by visiting

Essential Skills

Young teens who take this course will gain valuable training including:
-Safety Skills
-First Aid & CPR Skills
-Child Care Skills
-Business Skills

Child Readiness

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When are children ready to take this babysitting course? If they can stay home alone, are eager to take care of themselves, want to watch over their siblings, or show a desire to care for younger kids they know, then they are probably up for the challenge.