Post-Construction Process for Long-Term BMP Maintenance

bioswaleStormwater best management practices (BMPs) are designed to meet water quality and quantity standards and are crucial in preventing flooding and stormwater pollution in our community. Under the State's NPDES stormwater permit, the Town of Mount Pleasant is required to ensure that any stormwater best management practices (BMP) installed within the Town are properly maintained by the owner of the BMP. This applies to all privately and publicly owned BMPs within the Town's jurisdiction.

As-built Checklist
As-builts are required for most projects to allow project engineers to review the built condition and confirm/ certify that the project was built according to their plans. The information is also used to manage the post-construction BMPs and infrastructure. DRAFT as-built submittal should be made well in advance of project closeout to allow for review, comment, and corrections. To expedite your process and approval, please follow the as-built checklist and submit the checklist form with your documents. Access the as-built checklist here. (A fill in form is pending!)

Did you install or do you own a stormwater BMP on your property?

Typical stormwater BMPs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • stormwater detention or retention basin
  • manufactured treatment systems -  such as a water quality vault or oil/ water separator system
  • swales
  • vegetated riparian buffers
  • constructed wetlands
  • underground detention system
  • pervious pavement

Since September 1, 2007:

All new projects that are reviewed and approved by the Town and are installing stormwater BMPs must submit a maintenance agreement to the Town. This agreement requires the site owner to inspect and maintain their BMPs to ensure optimal performance. Annual inspections of the system, detailing any maintenance required or undertaken, must be performed by a qualified engineer and reports sent to the Town.

The Town can also choose to perform random site inspections to ensure owners are taking proper care of their systems. Maintenance required for each system will be dependent on the type of BMP implemented at your site.

Please send your annual inspection reports to:
Stormwater-Water Quality Division
Town of Mount Pleasant
Attn: NPDES Coordinator
100 Ann Edwards Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
Fax: 843-849-2760

Prior to 2007:

Owners of previously existing systems are also required to maintain their BMPs in a functional condition.

Several resources are available to help BMP owners properly maintain or evaluate their sites.

1. Contact Clemson Extension at 843-722-5940 for assistance or visit the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium website - Pond Management.

2. Contact a Registered Engineer and have your system surveyed and inspected to determine functionality as compared to the original design.

3. Contact Professional Lake and Pond Management Companies for options.

4. Additional Resources: