Forms for Water Quality Review and Construction

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Listed below are the forms required to help you complete the Water Quality review and construction process. Please note that for all projects seeking a coverage under the State's 2012 permit your submittal to the Town needs to contain the information and technical information necessary to meet the requirements of the 2012 State Construction General Permit and any other Federal or State requirements.

Please review Town of Mount Pleasant Ordinance 153 for specific requirements for small residential, large residential, small commercial, large commercial, and utility projects.


Notice of Intent to be submitted to SCDHEC and the Town of Mount Pleasant when an NPDES permit is required for land disturbance. Access the SCDHEC NOI form here.

Town Drainage Master Plan Checklist

Prior to submitting a project for review, engineers and developers should complete the Town's Drainage Master Plan Checklist for new construction and redevelopment projects with one acre or more of land disturbance. Access the Town's checklist here.

SCDHEC Plan Review Checklist

SCDHEC has developed a new checklist for the State's 2012 Construction General Permit to assist Design Professionals in completing submittals for the new permit requirements, the checklist is an aid and not a substitute for the full permit requirements or language. Access the State's checklist here.

NPDES Fee Schedule

The Town charges Water Quality plan review and inspection fees for all projects needing an MS4 review. Complete the form and submit the form and fees with your final application. * Please note that other town fees may also apply. Please confirm with the Planning and Development Department. Access the NPDES Fee Schedule form here.

Certificate of Compliance

Owners of small construction sites (disturbing under 1 acre and not part of a Larger Common Plan (LCP)) are required to complete and submit the Certificate of Compliance for the Town of Mount Pleasant. The Certificate of Compliance details specific site controls and processes that will occur on these smaller sites. These projects are subject to random inspections to ensure that sites are being properly maintained and are not discharging pollutants. The Certificate of Compliance is a triplicate form and can be obtained through the NPDES Coordinator or Building Inspections Department. Access the Certificate of Compliance form here.

Some small sites, if the project involves the installation of permanent water quality systems or devices, will be required to submit for a mini-technical review, obtain a town Clearing and Grading Permit, provide maintenance agreements, and submit as-built drawings.

For the 2012 State Construction Permit, the Town will not be reviewing the SCDHEC Individual Lot NOI form. The Town's Certificate of Compliance will be submitted with the building permit application but does not replace the requirement to obtain State Permits for individual lot construction in a Larger Common Plan of Development.  Clearing and Grading permits are not processed by Stormwater for individual lots, the building permit will serve this function.

Clearing and Grading Permit

Projects can apply for a Clearing and Grading permit once Water Quality approval has been received from the Town and all State and Federal Permits have been received. Installation for the Clearing and Grading permit cannot begin until your project receives its Construction General Permit (CGP) from SCDHEC. Additional clearing other than for installation of BMPs is strictly forbidden. BMPs for the Clearing and Grading inspection include silt fence, inlet protection, tree protection, and construction entrance. Access the Clearing and Grading permit application here.

NPDES Compliance Inspection Report for Contractors

SCDHEC form for SWPPP inspections at your project site. Access the inspection report here.
** Please note that the Town expects all sites to comply with their plans and permits. A SWPPP inspector's notation of corrective actions MUST be addressed within 7 days. Some plans call for shorter response times. Measures that fail repeatedly may be required to be replaced or upgraded.

Final Inspection Checklist

The Final Inspection Checklist will help you close out the construction phase of your residential development project. It details the minimum processes or items for inspection that will need to be completed before you can be granted your Final Plat. Town Inspectors for Road Construction, Stormwater Infrastructure Installation, and Water Quality BMPs will conduct a project walk-through to examine your project. The Town provides a checklist of the minimum items for inspection used to evaluate if your project is complete. Access the checklist here.

As-built Checklist

As-builts are required for most projects to allow project engineers to review the built condition and confirm/ certify that the project was built according to their plans. The information is also used to manage the post-construction BMPs and infrastructure. DRAFT As-built submittal should be made well in advance of project closeout to allow for review, comment, and corrections. To expedite your process and approval, please follow the as-built checklist and submit the checklist form with your documents. Access the As-built checklist here. (A fill in form is pending!)

Stormwater Facility Maintenance Agreement

All new projects reviewed by the Town of Mount Pleasant that have installed BMPs as part of their stormwater drainage plan are required to submit a Stormwater Facility Maintenance Agreement to the Town. Access the agreement form here. To find out more information on long-term maintenance requirements for your project or property, check our "Post-Construction Process" page.

SCDHEC and OCRM may require additional submittals to receive State approval for land disturbance. Visit their web sites to access other forms and applications that may be necessary.

SCDHEC's Sediment, Erosion, and Stormwater Management Program

OCRM's Coastal Permitting and Compliance Program