Sworn Officers

Certification Courses

All sworn officers must successfully complete the 10-week South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Basic Law Enforcement Certification Course before they are authorized to work on the street as a police officer.

Subsequent to academy graduation, officers must successfully complete the Mount Pleasant Police Department's 560-hour Field Training and Evaluation Program, during which time they are under the direction and control of specially trained field training officers.

Program Completion

Upon completion of the Field Training and Evaluation Program, each officer is evaluated by a Command Staff Board before being released to work alone as an individual police officer. Officers must be recertified every three years and must complete specific types of training during that period to meet recertification requirements.

Upon completion of one year of active service, each officer is counseled on his/her career goals and may voluntarily enroll in a career development path, which guides their advanced training toward the path they desire. Participation in career development requires an officer to complete 40 hours of advanced training, toward their chosen path, each year for three years.


Officers seeking promotion through the ranks are expected to complete professional development training which is provided through the department. Courses in supervisory development and command level training are offered. Career paths include: narcotics, traffic services, criminal investigations, and operations specialists.