Planning & Development

​The Planning and Development Department includes the Building Inspections and Planning and Engineering Divisions.

Information on specific parcels of land, zoning information, and maps is available for review in the Planning office. For more information on the duties and responsibilities of The Planning and Development Department, click on the links to the left.

**NEW** Mayor Haynie orders COVID-19 State of Emergency for the Town of Mount Pleasant.  Town offices closed to the public until further notice.

Mayor Will Haynie has signed a proclamation declaring a state of emergency, effective March 16, 2020, to meet pubic emergencies affecting life, health, safety, and the property of residents and businesses in Mount Pleasant.  All Town offices will be closed to the public and Town employees will work from home as much as possible.  The proclamation will remain in effect until further notice.  

Our services, including scheduling for building and construction inspections, and requests for planning and zoning assistance will be available online.  The public is encouraged to email planning staff at or Building Inspections at for help during this period of time.

Short Term Rental Ordinance effective January 1, 2020

Beginning January 1, 2020, the Town of Mount Pleasant implemented regulations regarding the use of residential dwelling units as short term rentals.  Residents who plan to use residential homes, accessory dwellings, or portions of their homes as short term rentals are required to have a short term rental permit and a business license.  

More information is provided on our short term rental webpage


Projects and Applications


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Are you looking for information on a particular project or an application that was submitted to one of our boards and Commissions?  The Projects and Applications map shows where each project is located.  Clicking on a colored pin provides hyperlinked information on that project such as the application, site plan, etc.

How are we doing?   survey image

The Mount Pleasant Planning Department works with local citizens and businesses every day. Sometimes, a citizen has a question about what the rules are for building a fence, or wants to know what the  yellow sign means on his neighbor’s property.  Other times, a contractor needs help securing a building permit or needs guidance through the design review process. Town staff works hard to answer each request accurately, professionally, and efficiently.  Sometimes, however, it is hard to gauge just “how are we doing?”


If you have contacted the Planning Department at any time in the last six (6) months (give or take), we would appreciate your taking a VERY short survey to help us answer that question. This survey is intended for anyone who has had business with either of the department’s divisions (Planning & Engineering or Building Inspections). We appreciate your feedback, as we hope to continually improve our customer service.  This survey will be open for the foreseeable future, so whenever you contact us in the future, we hope you will return to share your thoughts on these visits, as well.


A link to the survey is located at the top left of this page (department listing) or you can access it directly below. 

Planning Department survey