Mount Pleasant Way


The Mount Pleasant Way project is a proposed network of connected multi-use paths intended for non-motorized users that will link key portions of the Town including recreation facilities, parks, schools, neighborhoods, commercial zones, etc. The intent of this network is to provide safe and efficient infrastructure for alternative modes of transportation for our residents and visitors to use for both recreation and commuting purposes to noteworthy attractions within the Town. This project is a multi-phased endeavor that will take years to fully implement:

Phase 1 of this project consist of the development of a Master Plan for the multi-use network which will define the proposed routes, help create a vision for the path both aesthetically and functionally, develop implementation strategies and outline potential funding opportunities. This phase will include several public meetings, development of stakeholder groups, charrettes and will be a fully inclusive process for all interested parties to provide their comments and input on the direction of the project.

Phase 2 will involve the implementation of the path defined within Phase 1. Segments will be constructed based on a prioritized project ranking matrix which will include items such as ease of construction, availability of funding, connectivity to existing attractions and existing infrastructure.


Mount Pleasant Way Survey (online)

Mount Pleasant Way Survey (printable)


The project is currently in the Master Plan development stage.


8x8 outreach MPW FINAL

  • Public Meeting: Town Hall Lobby on Thursday, March 5th from 5 – 7 PM 
  • Charettes: Monday, April 27th, 2020 through Friday, May 1st, 2020. More details on locations and times to come.

Cost Estimate

  • $257,506 (Proposed funding through Interest Earnings)


  • Project Manager:  James Aton, PE
  • Email
  • Ph:  (843) 856-3080